Lost Wedding Ring Sugar Land, Texas (Found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Wedding Rings in Sugar Land, Texas (Found)


I was contacted by Kiptyn today regarding his wife’s lost wedding rings in their neighbors backyard. Kiptyn said while participating in some outdoor activities yesterday his wife had lost her rings. Kiptyn said his neighbors lawn service was at their house preparing to mow the lawn. Kiptyn asked how quickly I could get to his location to search for the lost rings.

My schedule was open, so I immediately headed to his residence. Upon arrival, Kiptyn introduced me to his neighbors and the search commenced.

The area in question was searched extensively but yielded no results. This was another example of needing to extend the search area, and in doing so,  Kiptyn’s smile tells the rest.


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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030








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  1. Greg DeLong says:

    WTG John, you made more people smile.

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