Lost Earring League City, Texas (Found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Diamond Earring in the grass League City, Texas (Found)

I was contact by Ashley yesterday regarding her daughters lost earring at a residence in League City, Texas. Ashley said her daughter had finishing swimming lessons yesterday and was in the process of getting into dry clothes when her earring was snagged and pulled from her ear.

Ashley said they were pretty sure it landed in the grass where her daughter had been changing clothes. Ashley said her husband had found the earring backing in the street next to where they had been changing clothes. Ashley said the earring were very important to her, they had been purchased in Aruba for her daughter by her father. Ashley said they had spend several hours searching on their hands and knees for the lost earring in the grass.

Ashley said she found a friend on Facebook, who’s daughter had lost an earring and it had been found by a member of “The Ring Finders” You guessed right, I was that person, and Ashley placed the call. I told Ashley small earring can be an extremely difficult to locate and several variables could have an effect on a positive outcome.

Ashley and I both agreed it was worth a shot. We met today to search for the missing earring. Unfortunate as it is, I had a great GoPro video of this recovery, several special moments like Ashley’s daughter telling me I better find her missing earring, because her grandfather bought those for her. I some how again, jumped the GoPro camera into picture mode, and didn’t record a darn thing, sorry Ashley!

I am working a solution for this issue, hopefully this will be the last time “that Kodak moments are lost”

Additional notes, my most sensitive handheld pin-pointer the TRX was just barely able to recognize this very small earring.

Ashley directed me to the area needing to be searched, I used the AT Gold with the small super sniper coil and ran a test on the other matched earring. The AT Gold picked up the matched earring with a nice soft tone and a pretty consistent signal in the upper 50’s.  I was marking off several negative finds, using small orange stakes to by-pass the previously searched targets. None of them up to that point had that nice soft tone I was listening for.

A few feet outside of the search area, I heard a nice soft tone, and consistent numbers with that of the matched earring. I looked down and saw a slight glimmer of something shiny down in the grass “BINGO”, one happy mom an daughter.


































Equipment Used:

One support team (Mom and Daughter)

AT Gold w/super sniper coil

TRX Pin-pointer









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4 Replies to “Lost Earring League City, Texas (Found) by John Volek”

  1. John Volek says:

    Comment left by Ashley:
    John was amazing he found my daughter’s tiny diamond earring in some very thick grass!! He was very professional and polite. Don’t give up hope give john a try first then you won’t have to worry and wonder!! Thanks so much john!

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Great job John! Those stud earrings are very hard to detect.

    1. John Volek says:

      They are definitely difficult, but the AT Gold and Super Sniper Coil definitely make the job possible.

    2. John Volek says:

      They are difficult, but the AT Gold and Super Sniper Coil make the task possible.

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