Lost Ear-Ring Texas City, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)


I was contacted by Tony regarding his daughters lost 1/2 kt. diamond earring. Tony said the diamond earring had belonged to his wives grandmother and finding the missing one was imperative.

Tony said his family had been at his fathers house (Tony Jr.) in Texas City playing volleyball in his backyard. Aviana had gotten to close to the net, and the net pulled the earring from her ear. Tony said, Aviana stopped immediately after feeling the earring being pulled from her ear. Tony said the entire family searched for the earring in the grass, but they were unsuccessful.

Arrangement were made to meet (Tony Jr.-Dad) at his residence on Saturday afternoon to search for the lost earring.


Arrived Saturday afternoon and met (Tony Jr.) at his residence in Texas City. Tony gave me a walk through of where they believed the earring had fallen after being pulled from Aviana’s ear. I noticed several fresh dug plugs (holes) in the ground. Tony said his son had borrowed a metal detector from a neighbor in an effort to find the earring.

Prior to the good news, Aviana and her mother Courtney arrived and were able to witness the recovery of the lost earring.













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Equipment Used:

Garrett AT Gold

Garrett AT sniper coil

TRX Pin-pointer


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John Volek


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great to know that the Garrett AT Gold can find earrings!!! Way to go John.

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