Lost Wedding Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Ring Houston, Texas


I received the following e-mail:
Hi John,
My name is Alex and I need help finding my wedding band. I was playing volleyball in the park next to a friends apartment complex. We were playing in a sand field and I felt it slip off my finger.  We spent 3 hours searching for it with no luck. Would you be available tomorrow (Sunday) to help me find it. I am really distressed about losing it and it would bring me great joy and relief to find it as soon as possible. The place is near the galleria area in Houston.Please call me at 650 ***-****Thank you,
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I met Alex in the parking lot of the volleyball court today in the Galleria area of Houston. As I was gathering my equipment, Alex explained how he had spent three hours last night searching with no success. He said he gone to a nearby Home Depot and purchased a rack, a shovel, and a heavy duty screen to sift sand and he still couldn’t find his ring.

Alex said, later that evening his wife found my add on Craigslist, and followed my posted link to “The Ring Finders”

The search for Alex’s ring was quick, on my second pass I hit a really nice signal, and moments later Alex was holding his ring. Alex immediately called his wife to share the good news; it was very evident he was very happy to have his ring back.

















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Thank you, Alex


Equipment Used:


TRX pin-pointer


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John Volek


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go John! Great video…you could see how happy he was when you pulled that ring out of the sand!

  2. Nice job John! Sand appeared to be super soft. Nice video.

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