Lost, Military Styled Dog Tags (Found in Kingston Ontario)

  • from Kingston (Ontario, Canada)

It was a beautiful sunny day in May and I had been working hard all week. I finally got a day off to myself to enjoy a day of metal detecting with a couple friends.

Metal detecting was slow that day, but just att around noon l, I had just uncovered my first decent target of the day, it was a Queen Victorian 1880s Canadian large scent, one of my favourite targets to dig.

After showing off my find to my comrades, I received a text message from a fellow Ring Finder by the name of Stephane Coutu. Stephane‘s friend “Ed” was in Kingston, closer to me at the time, & had messaged Stephane, inquiring if he knew somebody in the area to come and find his son’s military style dog tag necklace?

Stephane messaged me immediately and I told him I was packing up for the day and I would be on my way to meet with his friend .

En route to Kingston I called my RingFinders partner, Ryan Pugh to see if he was available to come help find this lost Necklace.

Of course Ryan Jumped at the chance to help someone in need and we met up at the property in question.

After hearing from “Ed”, the story of what might have happened to the necklace, Ryan & I waisted no time! We geared up, discussed a search plan, and started to execute a grid-styled search pattern.

About 10 minutes into our search I had made my way approximately 1/2 way around the outside perimeter of the back yard and was closing in on Ryan’s position, as he had gone the opposite direction.

I saw an unmistakable look on Ryan’s face, that could only mean 1 thing, he must have just found the necklace in question.

The home owner Ed, who was beside him, also noticed Ryan’s facial expression and started getting excited. Ryan reached through some tall grass his face lit up even more, smiling ear to ear as he came up with the silver dog tag necklace.

As we celebrated our efforts, the owner of the necklace ( Mike ) had just made his way to the back yard to see how we were making out.

As we approached him, his father “Ed” , whom had been the one to call us, and stood by our side during our search, was holding the necklace, he reached his hand out to his son Mike, and dropped his necklace into his hands.

The expression on Mikes face was priceless, a look of relief, and his smile said it all.

Ryan and I packed up our gear to await our next RingFinders metal detecting adventure.

The video of this day can be seen at the link below


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