Lost wedding ring, Beach Haven NJ, LBI, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)


It was a beautiful afternoon when I took a glance at my phone. I noticed I was tagged many times on a local Facebook page, where Jim had posted about his lost wedding ring on a local beach on LBI. His post was worded as a last chance effort to locate his wedding ring he lost the prior day in the sand in Beach Haven. Not long after Jim called me, and he basically wrote this off as a LONG shot of ever seeing his cherished wedding ring again. After getting all the details I explained I was at a family party and would be able to go later on around dinner time, and requested for him to leave some chairs set up to secure the location he believed the ring to be hiding. He agreed, but really didn’t seem to have much hope, as he had stated “its a long shot”. I got to the beach and with the beautiful warm temperatures inland, and the cold ocean water, the beach was socked in with heavy fog. When I got to the dune walkover I didn’t see any signs of the location he marked, but once I walked about half way to the ocean, I could vaguely see a lonely folded chair, on a damp and dreary beach. I turned on my machine, and walked in the direction of the chair. about 20 feet from the chair, in a direct path to the dune walkover opening, my metal detector let off a tone which I call BINGO !!!! And sure enough, Jims ring was in my sand scoop. I snapped a few pictures as usual, and sent them to Jim in a text. He responded in total amazement, as I just performed what he had considered impossible. Jim was just down the road having dinner at one of best locations in Beach Haven NJ, and agreed to meet next door in the Wawa parking lot. Another fantastic recovery in the books, doing what many write off as an impossible task. Its the heart felt expressions, and the challenge of the hunt that drive me.

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