Lost Engagement Ring Victoria B.C. Recovered and Returned

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
















Sarah was training her horse on Monday, it was cold and she was wearing gloves.

Sarah took her ring off and placed it in her pocket for safe keeping. When she went to put it back on it was gone, so she searched and could not locate it. Sarah went home and told her husband I have really bad news.

She told me that she didn’t expect to ever see the ring again.

Wednesday, February 1st. she Googled “lost ring” and found me. I was able to meet with her 30 minutes later and after 20 minutes searching I was able to reunite Sarah and her engagement ring.

Love my job.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I cannot thank Don enough for coming to my rescue! I had searched for 2 hours on my own, and had just about given up but I had it back on my finger within an hour of calling! I am so relieved and grateful 🙂 thanks again Don!

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