2 Lost Rings on the Beach - Found!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I’m starting out my 8th year of doing this and my first ring of the year actually turned out to be two rings!  Tammy and her husband Andrew brought their beautiful family down from Kentucky to enjoy Perdido. They had spent the day on the beach and as it started to be time to leave, Tammy panicked when she realized her wedding band and her engagement ring were no longer on her hand. They had a general idea where they had been on the beach but she wasn’t sure where the rings were.  She quickly did some googling and found my FB page, Pensacola Ring Finders. She texted me while my wife and I were at dinner and I quickly called her back. She was in luck that my wife who is my good luck charm was up for a trip to Perdido. We got there as quickly as possible, prepared with flashlights to search into the night. After talking with Tammy and Andrew there were three areas they had played volleyball and I decided to start in the one that Tammy had described first. I made one pass and then a second. On my third turn I got a good gold sound. I’ve learned that this could be a pull tab and not to sound the alarm quite yet so I gently scooped up the first signal. I needn’t have worried and quickly saw the diamonds from the wedding band in the scoop. I called Tammy over and said, “well here’s one!” 😃  The second one was still missing so I started back searching in the same general area. It wasn’t long until I heard a strong platinum tone. This time I couldn’t help but smile and I scooped down very carefully and saw the flash of the engagement ring in the edge of the sand. I let Tammy pull it out of the scoop and celebrate with her family as she returned it to its rightful place on her hand. I love doing this. I can’t wait to see who else I will be able to help this year. See you soon. 😉

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