Lost wedding ring metal detecting search Minnesota lake scuba

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

A young couple had their wedding at a northern Minnesota cabin, everything went great until the wedding party decided to board a pontoon and all jump off into the water. The bride had her wedding ring on for only a few hours and now it was lost in the lake. Luckily they had the right idea and marked the spot with an anchor and a float.

The grooms grandfather found me on theringfinders.com and I made the 3 and half hour drive the next morning. They marked the spot well and the water was only 4 feet deep or so. I found the ring in just a few minutes. Congrats to the bride and groom and hopes for a long and happy marriage!

FYI – Bride wasn’t available for the PIC, so I got the grooms smile :O)

Darrin ~

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