Found Wedding Ring at English Bay Beach... Flying Home to Owner

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call Friday and the young lady asked me what the chances are in finding a ring that was lost earlier in the week at English Bay Beach…She thinks it was lost there but wasn’t 100% sure of the location.

When I get calls like this I like to ask lots of questions and one was, why do you think it was lost at English Bay? She replied that she was in town on business and at lunch she went to the beach, ordered a hamburger and sat on a log enjoying a sunny day. After eating the hamburger she walked to the Watersedge and washed her hands, then went back to her hotel where she realized her ring was gone.

To me it made the most sense that the ring must have come off when she was washing her hands and I felt confident if she could put me in the right area we’d have a good chance of recovery. That being said it was lost for four days and there’s always a chance some other metal detectorist may have found it.

The other factor was that she was now back home in Ottawa, Eastern Canada, 4 hour flight away. Saturday morning I picked up my metal detector and headed to the beach, I took pictures of the area she believed she was sitting and she confirmed the location…You have to love the internet! Without it, people wouldn’t find TheRingFinders and no second chance!

Within a couple of minutes I found her wedding band! I get as excited as the people who lose it when I see it in my scoop. I quickly took a picture of the ring and text messaged her it was found.

I then raced over to FedEx and sent it back home to a very happy young lady.



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I hope she sends me a picture of her and her smile so I can take my ugly mug off this

I love my job! You can watch the video of the search below.


5 Replies to “Found Wedding Ring at English Bay Beach… Flying Home to Owner”

  1. Ken Dewerson says:

    Good job, its always nice to be successful, I hate when the item cant be found.
    Good video, very professional.
    Fed Ex are not cheap, but they are reliable.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Yes its always a long shot when a ring has been lost on a beach, after being lost for 4 days there’s always a chance someone found it. I know a lot of people who winter hunt after the high winds…But if you don’t try you never know! I love it when the ring is still there!

      1. Ken Dewerson says:

        So true. I have spent 8 hours so far looking for wedding ring lost in the Lake last August.
        I am slowly working my way out to deeper water.
        I am starting to suspect that someone found it or it was lost somewhere else.
        Oh well it gives me a project to work on.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Sometimes we get beat to the punch…Its become such a popular thing to do now a days (lake hunting & beach hunting) specially with the affordable ATPro Metal Detectors. Before they came out, it was expensive to have two types of detectors and most people bought the land machine. Good luck and you never know whats out there to find unless you search!

  3. Mike McInroe says:

    Great Job! I am waiting for a photo too, of someone I sent a ring to. And yes it is amazing how we can chat and get info from people miles away —using modern communications! And what a rush to actually find the ring they lost days ago and see it returned! Love your videos.

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