Gold Rush in Maple Ridge BC / Huge Gold Rings...Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Its been a while and yesterday afternoon I was out doing some Christmas shopping with my brother who is from California when I received a call from a young lady. She said that her father had lost his ring. She ask me a few questions and said that her dad would give me a call.

I got the call minutes later and the man went on to tell me that he had lost 4 huge rings at his job site, they had dropped out of his pocket because the zipper broke. You could image how upsetting that would be as he wasn’t sure where they had fell out…I was excited to get out there and search for his rings but I had Christmas shopping to do so I rushed around and got it done and shot out to Maple Ridge to help find the rings.










I got to the job site at 5:30 pm and we talked about the possibilities of where he thought the rings could be, he told me that he spent 6 hours the day before searching and sifting the dirt for the rings and 4 hours the next day. He called his daughter and asked her to search the internet to see if there was anyone out there with a metal detector that could help… She found ”The Ring Finders”

I turned on my trusted Whites XLT and it was going crazy with the power line directly above me. I quickly went back to my truck and took out my new Whites V3i and set up the frequency and was able to program the detector to cancel out about 80% of the interference from the power lines above me.

After about 30 minutes the young man jumped into his backhoe and started to level out a big pile of sand so I could check it out and while he was doing that I went to another area where I got a good signal and started to dig…

Ring #1




What a sight to see when this came out of the dirt! We were very excited and hopeful that the rest would be close bye…


Only a yard away from the first ring…I knew the rest would show up close bye…


Ring #3

These were very large and heavy rings!


This was the biggest ring and what a great feeling to find all 4 rings, he said Christmas came early for him! I have to say that was fun! I think I found more gold then those guys from that reality show called Alaska ”Gold Rush”

Thanks for the kind reward!

I Love my Job!

Lost something? Call me ASAP! I’ll help you find it.

You can watch the video of the search below…

3 Replies to “Gold Rush in Maple Ridge BC / Huge Gold Rings…Found”

  1. Randall Fedeluk says:

    WOW What a collection of Rings! And what a Great opertunity to show your professionalism as a Ring Finder!
    Great Job Chris!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Thanks Randall, It was a fun search! Just to see them come out of the dirt was amazing! I love my job!

  3. Steve Mack says:

    Way to go Chris, those were not just sitting on tip. They were down pretty good. Nice job. I like the gopro as well, not so good in low light.
    Sound is better outside the case, and I have been using an external digital recorder for the sound to dub in later.

    Anyway great finds, huge gold!!!!


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