Lost Gold Ring in North Vancouver, BC...Found!

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So last night before my night hunt for the two wedding rings I receive an email from a young lady who lost her gold ring that was given to her by her mother. After discussing the search we both knew it was a long shot due to she didn’t know when the ring came out of her pocket..

These kinda searches I call (closure searches) I will search the most likely areas where they think the ring fell out of her pocket. My chances are very low as its a needle in a haystack…The area was very big and to boot there was power lines directly above me. This drives detector crazy!

The only thing I could do for the first part of the search was use my pin pointer, as we moved away from the power lines I was able to use my detector by dropping the sensitivity  to almost the lowest setting. I would still be able to get a signal as the ring would be sitting on top of the grass.

The young lady was at work so her boyfriend met with me to show me the area they had walked when they realized the ring was missing.

After 30 minutes I got a great signal and as I bent down to use my pin pointer and move the grass there was here gold ring starring back up at me!!! Crazy, I was so happy and so was her boyfriend! I always give a 100% even if I don’t think I have a chance, today I was rewarded by finding this young ladies most cherished  gift that was given to her by her mother…




I love my Job!

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You can watch the recovery on the video below…


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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go there Chris!!! Way to stick with the search and many times it really does pay off! It is always a thrill to find something for someone and you sure made he and his girl friend so happy!

    Keep up the good work!

    Mike Mc

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