Lost Gold Ring at Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver...Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Well I’m off work for a while so this gives more time to work on The Ring Finders Directory and to get out and search the beaches of Vancouver.

I called a friend and we talked about doing a beach search but he was without a good PI beach detector.

He had a few detectors in mind that he wanted to buy and the Whites Dual Field was one of them, I have a couple of Whites water detectors so I let him try out my Whites Dual Field.

We hit English Bay Beach at around 8 pm, low tide was at 10:45 pm, this gave us time to work it as the tide was going out.

Well overall it was pretty slow and the bottle caps and pull tabs were winning, we’d been searching for a couple of hours and decided to hit another beach and I was leaning towards Kits Beach and my friend said what about Third Beach, Stanley Park?

So Third Beach it was, and off we went, when we got there the tide was out pretty far and we went our own ways in the dark.

I was finding the usual, pull tabs, bottle caps, nails and a little bit of change.

The garbage doesn’t bother much as I know that there’s always a chance of finding something good when your finding that much crap!

It was coming on to 1:30 am and I was getting ready to pull the plug, I saw my friend who was hunting in the distance, I moved up closer to the tide line and got a signal and dug up a nice gold ring!

You never know when or if the gold will find you…

That night I got lucky thanks to my friend who suggested Third Beach! The difference between The Ring Finders Service and just going out on a search for yourself is that when someone contacts me to find their ring, they know the approximant area the ring was lost.

Therefore I start my grid search until I find the ring, and in most cases I find the ring.

When you just go to the beach on your own time searching for lost items (gold rings) its like finding a needle in a haystack!

Unless you live in Hawaii where there are more gold rings lost then there are bottle caps…

Well if anyone reading this blog has lost a gold ring at Third Beach this year please contact me with a full description and I’d be happy to return it to you.

There are initials on the inside of the ring, if this is your ring I’m sure you know what the initials are…

Thanks for reading my blog!

Chris Turner