Metal Detecting...Lost 19k White Gold Wedding Band/Downtown Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work when I received a call from a lady that I did a search for a few months back, she lost her diamond earring. I didn’t find her earring but I did my best to help her and she said that she’d pass out my name for anyone she knew that could use my service…

Today was the day as she heard about a friend at work who lost his wedding bandwhile playing volleyball at a nearby park. She said that he lost his wedding band while playing volleyball and it was lost in deep grass and he knew the area it was lost in, she passed my name and number to him.

Shortly after I received a call from theyoung man and we setup a time that evening to search for his ring. When I got off work I headed out to Vancouver, I met Chad and we went to the park were he lost his ring.

I asked him where he thought he lost the ring and to my surprise he wasn’t sure…This changes everything as now we might be searching for hours for something that isn’t even there. He wasn’t even sure if it came off playing volleyball, but that would be the most likely place to search.

I could tell at night the area that they were playing volleyball because the ground was packed with foot prints. I started my grid search and within 5 minutes I got a good signal and flashed my light to the ground and in the long blades of grass I could see the outline of the white gold ring.

I called him over and showed him his ring…

I love my job!

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Watch the video below to see the discovery…