Diamond ring lost on soccer field in Surrey BC.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story is about a lady who called me and was very upset about losing her diamond ring that was given to her by her mother.
Every time I get a call for ”Finders” I get excited about the chance of helping find someone’s ring for them.

Some searches are harder then others and you really don’t know how long it will take until you find it or not. This search was going to be a difficult because after talking to her on the phone she told me that the ring could be lost anywhere on two soccer fields.

When I met up with her at the park she walked over to a part of the field where she was watching one of her kids who was playing soccer. She said that she watched the game for a while and half way through that game she walked her other child to another field for a game.

Throughout the day she was back and forth watching both games and some where in that park the ring fell off into the grass, the question now was… where?

I decided to start my search in the area that she took me to first. That proved to be a good starting point as 15 minutes later I found the ring… I think she was as shocked as I was that the ring was found so fast!…The smile tells you the rest!

I love my job!

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  1. Brad says:

    2 soccer fields to cover and you find the ring in 15 minutes 🙂 That has to be a nice feeling! A shame you don’t live in Sydney Chris, I could use your help hehe

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