Lost my diamond engagement ring at the beach in Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

On a nice summers evening I get a call from a young lady who lost her diamond engagement ring at Spanish Banks while relaxing in the water.

She was recently engaged and lived out of town, she was here to spend some time with her family and show off her diamond ring.

The ring didn’t fit perfectly and while she was in the water it slipped off her finger to the sand below. Devastated, she and her parents searched in waste deep water, but there was no chance in finding the ring.

As they were leaving the beach her father thought of telling the lifeguard about the lost ring encase someone might find it at low tide the next day.

This was a good thing as the lifeguard gave them my flyer, I showed up at the beach the next morning at low tide and her and her family were there to greet me.

I listened to her story and where she believed her ring was lost, she based the location to the area where the floating dock was beached.

I started my grid search and after close to 2 1/2 hours I had no ring, I could tell that she was were getting worried. I sat down and talked to her about the location once again and she said I was in the right area as she lined up the lost ring with the floating dock.

Then it hit me, the floating dock had close to a 30 yard chain on it to keep it in place. This changes everything as the high tide location would have been 30 yards further out.

I start my new grid search and after 1 hour I found her beautiful diamond ring. The smile tells you the rest!

I love my job!

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