Sheridan Lake BC... Two out of Three isn't bad... But where's the third ring?

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost in lakeLost in lake

Red markers/Ring Locations
Red markers/Ring Locations

I get a call maybe five years back and this man wants to have me search for three rings he lost in a lake.

After talking for a while I find out that its a 6 hour drive to the lake, I’d have to bring a diver as he remembered it was deep water that he lost the rings in.

I contacted my good friend and treasure hunter JM and we drove up together in hopes of finding the rings.

We met the man at a rest stop just an hour out of town, he was going to show us the area he lost them in and ride back home. He had a very cool bike and it took a bit to keep up with him on the ride up.

When we got up there (6 hours later) he told us he was drinking and didn’t remember the night very well but he remembered he dove into the water off the dock and swam out and felt his rings come off.

I listened to his story then I went to the water, to my surprise there was close to 4 feet of mud that turned the water cloudy with every step. This was a nightmare! How would JM see anything while he was searching underwater?

I thought about it for a bit, then I came up with an idea to tie a rope to him and have him go out 30 yards then I’d slowly pull him in. When he got a signal he’d pull the rope once, I’d stop pulling until he gave me a double pull then I’d start pulling him in.

We did this the same way I’d do a grid search on the beach, I’d line him up and pull him in until we grid searched the area we felt the rings were in, after hours of searching we had no rings.

I gave JM a brake and decided to search around the dock in chest deep of water. Every step darkened the water but I don’t need to see I just need to get a signal and with my long handle scoop I’d find it. I found lots of garbage but no rings.

After a few more hours I received a signal and to my delight I had found the big gold Harley Davidson ring with the help of JM.

I gave this to the biker and he was happy but I know he was hoping for more. It didn’t happen on that day and the biker headed back home.

We stayed the night and started our search early the next morning. After close to 5 hours I made another discovery in the shallow water chest deep, it was a beautiful huge gold ring with rubies and a diamond.

On the picture above you can see my makers ( Red balloons) they mark the area the two rings were found. But where was the 3rd ring? That was the money ring, a dragon ring with rubies & diamonds… Lots of rubies & diamonds!

We had to call it a day and head home as we had to work on Monday, when we got close to home I called the young man to tell him we found one more ring. He was very pleased and rewarded us nicely and covered our expenses.

That 3rd ring would haunt me a bit as I kept thing what if I could find it for him, so a few weeks later my wife and I went back to look for it.

After two more days of grid searching in every direction and no luck I had to let it go. I wish it was closer as that would be one I’d continue looking for.

The thought did cross my mind that maybe he lost it before he went swimming as he did have a lot to drink that night…?

Thanks for reading my story!

I love my job!

Search and we will Find