Roadside Wedding Ring/South Surrey

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Roadside ringRoadside ring

Roadside ring found… I get a call at around noon time today Feb 22nd and a man asked me if I could help him find his white gold wedding band that he lost after throwing an apple core out of his truck window.

He told me that he had a good idea where the area of the ring was, I agreed to meet him and drove out to Surrey close to Langley. I wasn’t feeling all that great as I was fighting a head cold but I love the challenge of finding his ring.

When we met we talked about the area it could be lost in he told me that he’d searched for close to 6 hours in total and even rented a metal detector, but didn’t find the ring. I did a lose grid search of the area but found nothing.

I gave him an old ring that I use for testing with a string attached to it, I asked him to drive up the road and toss it out in the area he believed it was in so I could see where the ring lands. The string that is tied to the ring gives me a chance to see and follow the movement of the ring when its in mid-air.

The first time the ring hit the side of the road and made it close to the ditch, so I knew that I might have to put my dry suit on as parts of the ditch was close to 3 feet deep. Before I’d do that I asked him to do it one more time, this time throw it up in the air I told him so it would hit the road and bounce and slide as he was moving some what fast.

This time the ring stopped close to the side of the road just in the grassy part, I started to search that area and maybe 3 yards away I found his ring…

He was very happy and told me that he was only married a year but the ring was very special to him.

This one took me 30 minutes to find…

I love my job!

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  1. Bev says:

    Great job Chris! Your almost like a detective the way you searched for that ring. Keep up the good work!

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