Lost Gold Medallion Found

  • from Middlesex County, (New Jersey, United States)
Beth's Charm Found!

Beth’s Charm Found!

Smiling Wesley Moore with found charm

Smiling Wesley Moore with found charm








On June 12, 2015 I received a call from Wesley Moore concerning his sister-in-law’s missing necklace charm that held great sentimental value. It was lost during a day at the beach playing with her three-year old son two weeks prior to his calling me. I met up with Wes and thankfully he had a very good idea where it was lost on the beach. After marking an area for me, I was able to retrieve the charm after a short 10 minute search. Smiles all around! Happy I was able to assist Wes with reuniting Beth with the charm bearing her son’s name. Great day on the beach!!!!!!!!

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