Lost White 18K Gold Mens Wedding Band Found At Holts Landing State Park In Millville, Delaware

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 09/12/2021, I was contacted by Steven and he requested my help in locating his white 18K gold wedding band which he had lost in the water at Holts Landing State Park in Millville, Delaware. Steven said that he was in the water at low tide on his hands and knees digging up clams when he felt his wedding band slip off of his finger in the muddy bottom. I then agreed to meet Steven at the State Park to see if I could help him, but before I could attempt to help him I had to call the State Park Office to get permission to do the search. Upon contacting the state park office I was given permission to do the search. When I arrived at the state park I had Steven walk out into the water to give me an idea of how deep the water was in the area that he had lost his ring. At this point the tide had come in and the water was now up to Stevens chest. I told Steven that I would have the best chance of finding his ring at low tide and we agreed to meet at the state park on 09/13/2001 in the morning when it was low tide. I then re-contacted the state park office at which time they agreed to extend my permission to do the search on the following morning. On 09/13/2021 Steven and I met at the state park in order to look for his ring. Steven again walked out into the water in the area of where he had lost his ring and this time the tide was low and the water was just up to his knees. I had Steven remain out in the water so that I could use him as a reference point during the search. I began a grid search of the area working my way in towards the shore and after about ten minutes of searching I located the ring in about two feet of water. I then had Steven come over to the location of the ring at which time he reached down into the mud and did the honors of pulling his ring from the muddy bottom.

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