Lost Mans Platinum Wedding Band In Dewey Beach, Delaware Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 08/20/16, I received a call from a gentleman requesting my help in finding his platinum wedding band which had been lost while playing volleyball. The gentleman stated that he had been playing volleyball during the early morning hours of 08/19/16 on a beach volleyball court located in the town of Dewey Beach, Delaware. The gentleman stated that he had taken his wedding band off of his finger so that it would not come of his finger while playing volleyball and he placed it in the pocket of his shorts. The gentleman stated that when he finished playing volleyball he went to put his wedding ring back on his finger and found that it was missing from his shorts pocket. On 08/21/16, I responded to the location of the lost ring and began my search on the north side of the volleyball net where the gentleman had been playing. The ring was located about forty-five minutes into the search towards the outside area of the volleyball court about four inches down in the sand. After recovering the ring and letting the gentleman know that it had been recovered, I packaged the ring up and mailed it back to him on 08/22/16.


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  1. Dave Millman says:

    Good job! Always harder to recover something when the client isn’t around to show you what happened.

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