Three Lost/found Wedding Rings at Gordon's Pond Rehoboth, Del.

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

image On 06-07-14, I was contacted by a gentleman regarding his daughters three wedding rings that had been lost in the sand on the beach at Gordon’s Pond State Park beach in Rehoboth, Delaware. I learned that the daughter had taken her rings off and placed them on a towel while she was putting suntan oil on her daughter. The husband unknowingly picked up the towel that the rings were laying on and all three disappeared in the sand without a trace. I responded to the beach where I met all of the parties involved and began my grid search for the rings. After the third pass the sand gave up her bounty and one by one I was able to recover each ring and I returned them to their rightful owner. As each ring was recovered a group of spectators gave out a cheer.


2 Replies to “Three Lost/found Wedding Rings at Gordon’s Pond Rehoboth, Del.”

  1. It is really satisfying when you get a response like that! Good job.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Hat Trick! Way to go! That must have felt great to see them come to light…

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