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Lost Gold ring Camp pendelton

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


Lost Ring Found and Returned at Camp Del mar beach camp pendelton.  May 27th 2017

I received a call from John Hughes who is a good friend from Theringfinders. He had just got a call from a marine who had lost his ring on the beach and asked me if I could drive immediately to the base and find it for him. John ironically had another lost ring call in Carlsbad while I was headed to Camp pendelton to meet Kythan at the front gate. “Team Work” Like the NATO alliance!

Upon arriving at the scene of the lost gold ring he showed me the dry sand area where he moved a chair and noticed his ring disappear into the soft fluffy sand.  I turned on my Machine and began scanning in a 10’x12′ area.  In less than 5 minutes and 8 bottle caps I had found Kythans Wedding ring buried next to the chair.

They were very happy to have the ring back and asked me how much do they owe me for my service? I said it’s a FREE Charge to anyone in the service😀 Can’t beat that right!

He did cover me for the little fuel I spent but No matter,I always volunteer my metal detecting time to any USMC or Navy for sacrificing there time for our Freedom and this Great Country they serve and protect.🇺🇸

Call or text me at 760 889 2751 for a Fast response and recovery. I’m available 24/7
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Lost ring Cardiff reef beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



It Was a hot Summer day in Sunny California.I had just got home after a 4hr hunt searching for some lost yellow coins when I received a message from Morgan who was at the beach with family and friends,he asked if I could help find a Ring that was lost by a younger daughter I said Yes,I can be there in 30min.I sailed off & picked up My buddy John for back up because sometimes our searches can take many hours/days/months especially with the timing,sunsetting and tide coming up many variables can take place….

Upon arrival We met Morgan and the very nice family enjoying a day at Cardiff beach,they showed us the small area in the dry sand where she lost it.They tell us its a gold ring that was passed down from her mother.Wow.

I was well Equipped with an A.P.I.  Advanced pulse Induction Machine that sends 720 pulses per second has 96 frequencies and loves Gold…So I began my search,dragged my sand scoop once and found her ring ..immediately!

The smiles 🙂 🙂 were lighting up and her Family heirloom ring was back on her finger just like that! What an awesome Day for everyone. If only every search and recovery for us was that easy!

Thanks to the San Diego lifeguards for referring TheRingFinders and all the P.R John Hughes & T.R.F has done for the community.

We are here to help! Call A.S.A.P !

Curtis Cox  760 889 2751