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TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find a lost Diamond ring buried in the beach.: OPEN NOW CALL 760 889 2751

It was a hot sunny Sunday in Oceanside San Diego when I received a call about a ring lost in the sand just an hour before.There was Q’s & Concerns about my fees or charges..$$??..I personally work on a reward basis which is entirely up to you and what you can afford.

I arrived shortly later and greeted the couple who were at the edge of the dry sand during the rising tides coming up to their chairs,This ring disappeared when they were moving their belongings back.
I began my search in a very small area then instantly found…a Quarter,however the next signal was a very shallow gold reading on my Detector,So I carefully used my hand and grabbed out a ball of sand with the target inside while they were watching  and magically surprised them with the lost wedding ring inside of it!

They were instantly relieved and thankful I could help them on their vacation at Oceanside beach.




Lost Gold Ring San Diego

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


A Gold wedding ring was found and returned by Theringfinders metal detecting service in Carlsbad ca.

June 3rd,2017   I received a phone call from a good friend John Hughes to help out William who had lost his ring in Carlsbad at the beach.

William had a friend he asked to store his Gold ring in a zipper pocket while they played volleyball. During the hour of fun in the sun his friend had taken his phone out of the same pocket to take photo’s and later they both realized the wedding ring was gone..buried in the sand. They had started to search in one volleyball court with there hands when a local fellow from A Voleyball Team who was waiting to use the court for a tournament suggested they call Theringfinders metal detecting service. John Hughes got the call and he went down there to help with out any luck. The beach was packed with people and the search area grew 100′ x 200′ feet after hearing his friend ran to another court and back during the time His ring disappeared.

I arrived to search the area that night and noticed it was a very large area to grid. I spent nearly 2hrs maticulously Gridding every inch of the zone and was running out of possible areas it could be. Approaching midnight I decided to head home to rest and give it a better shot in the morning. But like always,I never turn my machine off until I’m off the beach and while swinging back to my vehicle just out of the main search area I get a signal with a precious tone on my metal detector…I take 1 scoop and there she was,A very unique Gold and diamond ring made by Neil Lane.

I called William right away and he came down from the hotels 5 min away and was stoked I had recovered his wedding ring.

If you have lost your ring call or Text me at 760 889 2751. Available 24/7

Lost Gold ring Camp pendelton

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Lost Ring Found and Returned at Camp Del mar beach camp pendelton.  May 27th 2017

I received a call from John Hughes who is a good friend from Theringfinders. He had just got a call from a marine who had lost his ring on the beach and asked me if I could drive immediately to the base and find it for him. John ironically had another lost ring call in Carlsbad while I was headed to Camp pendelton to meet Kythan at the front gate. “Team Work” Like the NATO alliance!

Upon arriving at the scene of the lost gold ring he showed me the dry sand area where he moved a chair and noticed his ring disappear into the soft fluffy sand.  I turned on my Machine and began scanning in a 10’x12′ area.  In less than 5 minutes and 8 bottle caps I had found Kythans Wedding ring buried next to the chair.

They were very happy to have the ring back and asked me how much do they owe me for my service? I said it’s a FREE Charge to anyone in the service😀 Can’t beat that right!

He did cover me for the little fuel I spent but No matter,I always volunteer my metal detecting time to any USMC or Navy for sacrificing there time for our Freedom and this Great Country they serve and protect.🇺🇸

Call or text me at 760 889 2751 for a Fast response and recovery. I’m available 24/7
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Metal detector Lost Gold Ring Oceanside

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


TheRingFinders.Com Metal detecting Service helped Reunite a Lost wedding ring at O’Side beach!

Many things are lost at our local beaches and thanks to TheRingFinders people now have someone to help them..

“Who Ya Gonna Call?”     760 889 2751

A Hot summer afternoon my phone rang,was my buddy John who also got a call through TheRingfinders from a lady who lost a Diamond wedding ring in the dry sand somewhere in Oceanside.Living and growing up 3 minutes from the area depending on the 1 stop light I have in my way I was there fast and met John Hughes with the person who lost the ring.I was givin a relatively small area to Scan over,Then started dead center of the Hot Zone where a palm tree was providing 6″ inches of shade during the time it was lost 22hrs ag0

I turned my Pulse metal detector on & 1-2 steps..barely three seconds & got a perfect signal.1 scoop and there was her Ring!

This may of taken me 4 seconds but no bragging Rights because some of my searches can take, hours,Days,Months..Especially if we do not get called immediately after! The ocean can bury your treasure.

“It’s all about Timing” Please contact us soon!

Curtis Cox Sandiego Ringfinder 760 889 2751