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Lost Car Key Fob in Sand at San Clemente, CA. Beach .. Found with Metal Detector

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**** After a day at a local San Clemente, CA. beach, Justin and his family had discovered his car key fob was missing. The last they saw of them was when their 5 year old son was playing with them.

Justin thought his wife took them from their son. His wife thought Justin had taken the fob from then son. Nevertheless the keys were missing somewhere in the sand.

A passerby saw them searching for the missing key fob and told them about TheRingFinders. After he called me, agreeing to stay in the location, I met him a little more than a half hour later. 

It was a 25’x 25’ spot. The usual bottle caps and small metal trash. As I was running out of search area when I got a deep weak signal. I dug more than 12” deep to my surprise it was the car key fob. Usually they are just below the surface, but the youngster must have been burying pirate treasure. Who knows, just happy for a successful search and recovery.


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Lost CIF Championship Ring Lost While Playing Beach Vollyball at Laguna Beach, CA. .. Recovered by Member of TheRingFinders

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**** Steven was very proud to be a part of a team that won the California State Lacrosse Championship this year. He was devastated when he lost his ring in the sand playing volleyball the day before contacting me.

Steven’s mother had located me and called me the next morning. The loss occurred at a private beach and it would take awhile to get entry to the beach access entry point. When I met Steven on the beach, he walked me over to the zone where he believed the ring came off his finger.

I looked at a 5 ft. square area that he had dug about two feet deep searching for his ring the night before. I was a little concerned that it buried out of detecting range. After setting up my detector I began my search. The “BIG” ring was found about 5 ft. outside the suspected search location. It was a beautiful ring and I could tell how much it meant to Steven when I presented it to him.

Another fun find that came with the privilege to see and detect on this awesome beach. Ringfinders get to go to some unique locations, it’s not just beaches. I can’t begin to share all the awesome places I’ve searched for lost sentimental keepsakes.

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