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Location? Location? Luck! Lead to ring return from West Dennis beach, Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

An E-mail requesting help finding a lost wedding band just needed a lot more information. First there are two Sea Street beaches in Dennis; which one? Then a Google map only shows one jetty, a second one was covered by sand in the display. Google’s visible jetty was highlighted as the area the ring was most likely lost at. Fortunately I asked the right questions, got good “clues” on where to look. But as I started walking to the jetty, I stumbled across the previously sand covered jetty and started searching in that area. I was lucky I did as about 15 feet from the jetty’s point I heard the sound of gold and retrieved Eric’s wedding band. Four days latter the US Postal Service delivered the ring to Eric who was kind enough to send me the attached photos…for this, my 50th posting on TheRingFinders.com.

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