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Lost Ring … Dog Beach, Huntington, Beach, Ca… Found 3 weeks later

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday.. Sept. 29, 2013

Summer is just about over and I just wanted to spend Sunday at sunset searching a part of dog beach doing a little pleasure detecting. They had a big dog surfing event today with a couple thousand people watching. Yes, dog surfing ..It’s a California specialty.

After an hour or so with very little finds, a nice elderly lady walked up to me and asked me if I could hear her with my head phones on.. I thought she was going to ask me what my best find was. ( which detectorsts get asked many times a day). To my surprise, she asked if I had found a gold wedding band within the last 3 weeks. Her son had lost a nice white/ yellow gold wedding band that had been passed down to him from his dad. I told her that I was a member of The RingFinders and I find and return rings for people.  I asked her if she knew where and she pointed down the beach. Then I asked here if her son was here on the beach. She said yes and we  walked over and talked to Darren. Three weeks ago he was walking his dogs and had a little sand on his hands. Darren brushed his hands together and against his pants. The ring flew off his finger into the soft dry sand. He told me that he spent a couple days searching. He even rented a metal detector with no success. He pointed down the beach describing a area that I thought I recognised. I got his contact information and gave him my contact information. Then I asked him if he had time to walk the 3 or 4 blocks to show me exactly. It was starting to get dark but I wanted to get a good location to possibly search later this week. After three weeks on this public beach it may have been found or pushed too deep for the detector to get a reading.  Darren showed me an area about 40ft by 60ft. At the last minute I told him I wanted to give it a quick try before dark. They wanted to leave and I assured them I was ok.  I normally start from the center and spiral for left to right. For some reason I started from the left side planning to work the 60ft. to the right. I went 6 feet and BOOM! there it was. I looked down the beach and Darren, his Wife and Dad were 100 yards away. They were close enough to hear me.. They came back with giant smiles and very grateful that the ring had been found. I was just as surprised as they were.  It’s not only having the top quality detecting equipment, smart phones and computers.  I’m learning that when I say “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE” it works out for the good.. Staying positive and asking the right questions works real well.