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Lost Wedding Band Weekapaug Inn Beach Westerly RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Relaxing in a prime vacation spot at the Weekapaug Inn Beach, Westerly RI, Dan removed his wedding band as most beachgoers would before swimming or applying sunscreen. Later that day, Dan’s summer vacation took a stumble when he realized the wedding band was missing. He immediately searched the internet for help and came across my blog entry from a couple of weeks prior, where I saved the life of a honeymooner by finding his handcrafted lost gold ring. Dan sent me an email and scheduled an appointment. I had a good feeling about this search from the beginning, mostly due to how quickly Dan called after realizing the wedding band was lost and his confidence in explaining the scenario. I searched the area where Dan was sitting, working my way back towards the path he walked the previous day. After 20 minutes of searching, I ended up finding the ring deep in the sand, only a couple of feet away from the rollout plank walkway, where Dan paused to put on his mask. This area is the primary path for the Weekapaug Inn guests to enter and exit the private beach, so the constant foot traffic caused the lost wedding band to sink quickly.

How to Find a Lost Ring in the Sand

Lost jewelry in the sand? Leave the area undisturbed and contact a professional detectorist to discuss the next steps. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you have lost something of value, contact Keith Wille now uncoverthings@yahoo.com | Call or text 860-917-8947 | www.metaldetectionkeithwille.com

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