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Lost Ring Old Orchard Beach, Maine. A ring finding tale in reverse.

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

Most of my Ring Finder post stories begin with someone contacting me to come search an area where they lost a ring. In this case however I found a ring while casually detecting at Old Orchard Beach and then had to try track down the owner. A plea on Craigslist and in the Friends of Ocean Park FB page asking for anyone who had lost a piece of jewelry on the beach to contact me with a description did result in a few inquires, including the person who lost it while vacationing. He gave a description along with sending a photo from their wedding album to confirm. The 14k gold band is now back in New Hampshire on the finger of a man named Dave where it belongs. Dave needed a Ring Finder, and luckily a Ring Finder found his ring and then found him, because the road to reuniting someone with their lost jewelry is sometimes a two way street.