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Neighborly Assist In Ring Recovery, North Redington Beach, Florida

Neighborly Assist In Ring Recovery, North Redington Beach, Florida

Like a good neighbor, Kenny is there!  Eric was floating on a paddleboard with his daughter, picking up shells in shallow water when he felt his ring slide of his finger! The ring immediately went out of site. Fast forward 1o days later, when Eric mentioned to his neighbor, Kenny, that his ring was long gone and he was going to buy a new one. Last year, Kenny had witnessed SRARC in action when he watched them detect and find woman’s ring right at the hotel next to his condo. Kenny urged Eric to contact SRARC. Eric was reluctant and felt the ring was surely lost forever. Kenny, not giving up, walked to the Doubletree Hotel, made some inquiries about the metal detectorists he had previously observed. The desk clerk had SRARC’s card on file and provided the necessary contact information to Kenny.   Stan Flack got the call and a team was formed.  Stan and team members Ed Osmar, Paul Hill, Jerry Schneider and Mike Shuler met early on a Sunday morning and were determined to find that ring!  After about 15 minutes, Mike called the guys over to show them he had indeed found the ring!  Eric was stunned upon hearing the news that his ring, lost 10 days ago on a busy Fourth of July holiday, had actually been found! Mike is a Tampa fireman and made arrangements to meet Eric in Tampa to return the ring.  Eric’s children joined him and were excited to be in the fire station.  Great tenacity and team work, guys!  Everyone should have a neighbor like Kenny!


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