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Lost Ring Found Near Shakopee Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

imageMarian and her husband were visiting their friends in southern Minnesota on a cold winter day. The wind chill temperatures had dropped to nearly 30 below zero! When leaving that evening, Marian, removed her glove to retrieve her car keys. Hurried by the cold, she flung the car door open. Within an instant her engagement ring along with her wedding band went flying into the dark cold night. Friends frantically searched the area with flashlights but could not stand the cold long enough to locate the rings. The next morning, they rented a metal detector from their local hardware store and managed to find the wedding band; however, the platinum and diamond engagement ring could not be found. Marian called The Ring Finder, J.R., and he agreed to make the 2 hour drive to help locate the ring in below zero, blizzard like conditions. Once bundled up, J.R. began the search. The area was filled with many false signals, but he knew once he heard the correct tone on his metal detector, he had found the ring. He brushed away the snow-packed ground to reveal Marian’s ring, not far from where the car was parked. Her face lit up with smiles and gratitude as J.R. presented the ring to her and she placed it back on her hand where hopefully it shall never leave again! If you or anyone you know has lost a ring in the Minnesota area, please call J.R. (763-670-5544) to help you get your sentimental items back. If you are outside of Minnesota, check The Ring Finders directory, for a ring finder near you.