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Lost Gold Wedding Band Found in the Yard! Westbrook, CT

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A lost gold wedding band was found in the yard in Westbrook, CT. Matt was cleaning the pool vacuum and went to toss some debris into the yard when he felt his gold wedding band slip off. The corner of the grassy backyard was a small area bordered by green bushes and a fence, so the search area was very small. Matt suspected the 10′ x 12′ area would be easy to search and find the lost wedding band with a Walmart metal detector. After 6 hours of searching, Matt could not understand why he wasn’t finding the wedding band. Blaming cheap detection equipment and being inexperienced with a metal detector, he found my website,, and contacted me. I quickly followed Matt’s footsteps and covered the grassy area near the pool and under the bushes – no wedding band! Experience tells me most lost wedding bands are not in the exact spot where the owners thought they were. Thinking outside the box, I figured there was a chance Matt used more force than he realized and slung the heavy gold wedding band completely through the bushes and onto the other side of the fence. I walked around the garage and began to scan the grass on the other side. The first signal rang loud, so I knew the object was on the surface. I parted the grass and saw bright gold shining through the blades. Found it! Matt’s wedding band flew 10 feet further than he thought and through a set of bushes and a fence!

How to Find a Lost Wedding Band

Did you lose a wedding band in your yard? It happens all the time! Don’t waste time renting, borrowing, or purchasing a metal detector. Stop, mark the area where you believe the wedding band was lost, and give me a call. My jewelry-finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and surrounding states.

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