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  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Labor Day 2022, I was enjoying a walk with my wife and my Dog, and I received a call from a Man named Jake. Jake had lost his family crest Gold ring which has been on his finger for 30 plus years and needed my help in locating it, The only problem was he did not know where he lost the ring.  As I was walking with my wife Jake explained the night before he was on a boat with his wife and family and had gone to a dockside restaurant , had a wonderful time and returned to a mooring in the bay as night was falling. upon arrival, he disembarked the craft and proceeded to wade some 300 or so feet to the shore through the water with what they had brought with them and placed everything on the beach, after everything was finalized he took their belongings and brought them up the associations beach stairs and entered his vehicle and drove to the house a short distance away only to realize his ring , which he has never taken off in over 30 years, was missing. He searched everywhere, the home , the yard, the beach, even the boat but the ring was nowhere to be found. He had no idea where the ring could be but needed help in finding it.  I told Jake that I would be more than happy to meet him down at the beach after my walk and we could talk about a game plan on finding his ring.  I thought to myself this is going to be tough, it could be anywhere from the beach to the restaurant. Our walk was finished and I met Jake at the association beach where we went over all the details, at this point Jake had searched the boat again and had no luck in finding his ring.  There was a strong possibility the ring might have been lost  at the restaurant or on the way back to the mooring, or in the water surrounding the boat to the beach 300 feet away. I assured Jake that I would search for his ring to the best of my ability, but the ring may not be found because of the uncertainty of where it may have been lost. We did have one clue about the ring, a picture was produced that showed he had the ring on, on the boat on the way to the restaurant. This did tell us it was not lost beforehand.

I readied myself with the equinox 800 and the 15″ coil and decided our best bet would be to start around the mooring where the boat was moored. Jake joined me throughout this part of the search. Luckily in this bay the water levels are not high and it was low tide so the water was waist deep. The search started . Working a grid around the boat I found nothing so I decided to continue  moving a parallel  search with the shore toward the beach, I did this for an hour without success .  I decided the tide was coming in and I wanted to work the beach a little as daylight was burning, so I detected a path to the shore and worked the beach area where he was confident he was during the departure from the boat.  Doing a grid search I was unable to find the ring in the area, I also searched several passes to the stairs that he used to exit the beach, still no results.  As it was getting late I decided to go to the house and search the yard, possibly the ring slipped off afterwards.  I searched the yard with still no results.  At this point there was a vast area of the bay that had not been searched and seemed the only hope to find the ring, but the tide was coming in and I decided I would return on Tuesday before low tide and continue the search then.

The following days the tide was going out I returned, we had overcast skies and rain, but I had to search the area that Jake had traversed to be sure the ring was or was not there. I started  my grid and for 2 hours did not find the ring, as I approached the shoreline I had one more pass until I was up on the beach, and I received a  solid 18 on the equinox VDI.  One scoop in the water and up came the gold ring with the family crest presenting itself to me as I looked at it in the scoop.  What a Relief.  I had Jakes ring and I went back to my car and texted him a picture of his ring, I told in the text “interesting what you find when you look” within the same minute I received a return text which I can only explain as utter disbelief!  I had found his ring and I made arrangements to meet up with him to return it to him shortly after as he was not in the area at the moment.

The recoveries where people are unsure of where they lost the item, and have a vast area of travel in between the last time they have seen the item do not always turn out positive, vast amounts of time are spent which in some cases are in vain because there is no definite area to focus on. This search had a very positive outcome and I was very happy to reunite Jake with his ring.  Another success story for the ring finders, and another person smiling ear to ear with relief that  that which was lost was now found and in its rightful place, with its owner.  Thank you for calling me Jake. It was a pleasure to help you.

Lost after a dinner outing, the ring was recovered.



  • from Yarmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

As I walking outside of my house, My wife had yelled over to me that someone had made a post on a local website that she had lost a family heirloom ring on a beach in our town, she thought it was a long shot, but figured she would post the comment just incase anyone found the ring.  I contacted the woman through the apps messaging services and told her I would be able to meet her at the beach at low tide which was in a few hours. I arrived at the beach  here in Yarmouth and Colleen and her husband were sitting on beach chairs, they have been tirelessly searching the water for the 1899 14Kt gold diamond ring that was a family heirloom. Colleen explained she was on a raft,It was high tide and the water was very turbulent due to the wind. being on the raft a wave made her fall off the raft and the ring slipped off her finger into the ocean. she searched and searched but had no success in recovering it. We discussed the location where it was lost and all the details of how I would proceed.  The water was rough but it was low tide and I proceeded to search the water as well as the beach with no success. Due to the amount of time I spent in the rough water (2 hours) we decided I would return again and continue the search. Fast forward to the next day. (The beauty of the ring finders is that we can connect with other ring finders within the network, and here on cape cod there are several ring finders, two of which I highly respect Richard Brown & Leighton Harrington, I had called Richard to bounce a few ideas off of him and ask if I did not have success. on that second search if they would be willing to drive up and help out. without hesitation they decided it was Saturday and they would come up and participate). I returned to the beach, we determined the location was a little bit off, and I started my search. I started at the high tide mark and after a few targets were pulled out of the ground that were giving a signal like the ring, Success! down 1 1/2 inches in the sand was a beautiful diamond staring back at me, Almost exactly where we determined she fell off the raft in the waves. I recovered the ring and walked right over to where colleen and her husband were sitting and received a very emotional response as she was in disbelief that her ring was actually recovered. Just as I presented her ring to her the two other Ringfinders, Richard and Leighton, walked up and told me they saw me recover the ring. The three of us were very happy for colleen. Richard and Leighton did not waste an opportunity and headed into the water to Detect, why not it is what we do, and I celebrated with Colleen and her husband. The most rewarding part of being a ring finder is the moment a lost item is presented to whomever lost the item. Experiencing that will never get old in my book. (Tip for the beach for everyone – Secure your jewelry at home or in a vehicle, this way you will never have to experience what Colleen did but,  if you must wear them always remember there is a ring finder near you that is willing to assist you in recovering your lost items)

Lost Ring ~ Corporation Beach, Dennis, Cape Cod ~ Found Ring Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

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The water was still cool, but very inviting on the warmest Sunday so far this summer. Victor and his wife could not refuse the clear water’s calling. However they did not know it was call for Victor’s wedding band. As the two sat in the water they watched as Davy Jones’ locker opened up and claimed the ring. Smart thinking on their part to mark the spot on the ocean’s floor with two rocks before moving was a key action to what was to follow.

After a great effort to find the ring went without success, they left and returned home. A search on the internet led them to…USA…Massachusetts…Cape Cod…and Rick Browne. A request was sent and quickly answered. Help was on the way. The next day at low tide Rick was to meet Victor at the beach. Rick arrived a bit early and went right into the water and searched for the rocks. It took him 30 minuets to locate the rocks due to the confusion in the numbering of the lifeguard’s chairs. Rick used the numbers on the chairs 1 and 2, not the left to right counting of chairs while standing in the water and looking on shore.

Only one rock was found in the 30 minute search and only one signal from Rick’s metal detector was heard. The signal came for one inch away from the rock Victor had placed where his ring had slipped from his finger. One scoop and Rick had the ring. The second rock was under the visible rock.

A few minutes later Rick and Victor met and the ring was returned and replaced on its rightful finger.

Placing a marker or dropping several coins in the area of a lost object will aid a metal detectorist in a search for the lost object. Remember this should you ever find yourself in a similar situation on land or in the water.