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Lost Ring ~ Corporation Beach, Dennis, Cape Cod ~ Found Ring Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

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The water was still cool, but very inviting on the warmest Sunday so far this summer. Victor and his wife could not refuse the clear water’s calling. However they did not know it was call for Victor’s wedding band. As the two sat in the water they watched as Davy Jones’ locker opened up and claimed the ring. Smart thinking on their part to mark the spot on the ocean’s floor with two rocks before moving was a key action to what was to follow.

After a great effort to find the ring went without success, they left and returned home. A search on the internet led them to…USA…Massachusetts…Cape Cod…and Rick Browne. A request was sent and quickly answered. Help was on the way. The next day at low tide Rick was to meet Victor at the beach. Rick arrived a bit early and went right into the water and searched for the rocks. It took him 30 minuets to locate the rocks due to the confusion in the numbering of the lifeguard’s chairs. Rick used the numbers on the chairs 1 and 2, not the left to right counting of chairs while standing in the water and looking on shore.

Only one rock was found in the 30 minute search and only one signal from Rick’s metal detector was heard. The signal came for one inch away from the rock Victor had placed where his ring had slipped from his finger. One scoop and Rick had the ring. The second rock was under the visible rock.

A few minutes later Rick and Victor met and the ring was returned and replaced on its rightful finger.

Placing a marker or dropping several coins in the area of a lost object will aid a metal detectorist in a search for the lost object. Remember this should you ever find yourself in a similar situation on land or in the water.