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Texas A&M Class Ring Lost at Cypress Creek in Austin, Texas by John Volek TRF-Houston

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Texas A&M Class Ring Lost at Cypress Creek in Austin, Texas

I was contacted by Daniel a resident of Austin, Texas who was looking for someone to help him find his lost Texas A&M Class Ring… Daniel reported he had been vacationing on Cypress Creek (Lake Travis) in Austin, Texas when he had the mis-fortune of losing his prized possession, his Texas A&M Class Ring. Daniel said, he had been playing with his dogs in Cypress Creek when he felt the ring slip off of his finger and land in three-four foot of water. Daniel reported he spent hours searching the muddy bottom with his bare hands, but he was unsuccessful at finding his ring. Daniel said, a week or so later, an internet search on lost rings..returned a search result for Houston Metal Detecting Services – The Ring Finders Houston, Texas. Daniel said he didn’t hesitate for a minute…calling to make an inquiry about finding his ring. After numerous discussion with Daniel, we felt the recovery would be possible, 3-5 foot of water and a mucky bottom…and a fairly definitive area where the ring was lost. Nearly two-weeks from the day the ring was lost…we were at the location to conduct the search for Daniels ring. The site location had changed drastically…the water level was now down 3-5 feet from when Daniel had been at the location. The search proved to be quite challenging, we were fighting a 105-degree heat index, and the displaced water had created a mud bog along the creek. The going was slow and difficult, numerous targets added to the difficulty of the search. After about and hour, and our third or fourth pass through the mud bog, success! Hit a good target buried in about 4-6” of mud.



















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