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Metal detecting for lost ring in the sand

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

if you’re looking for a metal detecting service that can help you find your lost jewelry, then give me a call, Louis 305-608-1870.  I have a Metal Detecting service that can do just that. Whether you lost it at the beach, in the water, or in your backyard day or night give me a call.  The couple in these pictures lost this beautiful ring earlier in the day, they were able to meet me later that night and within about 15 minutes I was able to find it.  If this has happened to you don’t wait give me a call.

Gold Wedding band found in the water Glen Haven, Michigan with a metal detector.

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Derek about losing his wedding band in waste deep water in Lake Michigan at Glen Haven, Michigan. Derek said “we have a problem.” Glen haven is in the lower peninsula and Derek and his wife Dorothy are in the upper peninsula headed toward Wisconsin. They are doing a circle trip around Lake Michigan. I told Derek we had no problem, we just needed to use the US Postal service to get this done. I got a good location from Derek. Straight out from the walkway and the water was waist deep. I drove the hour up to Glen Haven spent 6 minutes in the water and got the ring. I put the ring in the mail Monday morning sending the ring to Pennsylvania. Derek and Dorothy were very happy to get the ring back, its a family heirloom from Dorothy’s grandfather. A couple days later I got a nice hand written letter of thanks in the mail. I also appreciate the reward very much.