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Large 14k White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in Post falls Idaho…FOUND!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Trevor and Sheba are a newly engaged couple with a large problem. The large engagement ring Sheba was wearing to symbolize the couples upcoming union had made its way over the retaining wall and down into the lower property. Trevor and his son had borrowed two different metal detectors from the neighbors and had searched for five days. With no luck the couple turned to the internet which led them straight to me. I left work the very next day after they called and headed to their house. Tevor hadn’t told me exactly how the ring went missing. However after talking to him about recreating the action that caused the ring to be lost, I knew how important the ring was to the couple. Trevor said to tell the readers, mainly the guys, think twice before you act. Trevor did say he heard the ring hit a tree. I must say I truly appreciate an individual who is aware of his surroundings and can recall small details about an event. This little sound he heard sent me into the direction of a small group of trees. As I foraged through the ivy covered ground. I thought to myself how did the multiple searches that had happened, failed in finding the ring? The answer wasn’t because they didn’t try but rather the lack of experience. Because as I headed into the over growth I found a hole in the ivy that one of the guys had dug. In the hole was a small brass tab. The very next target I detected was the ring with 8 vdi and 9 vdi showing on my nox 800 I got a huge smile on my face. Trevor had been watching me from the retaining wall and just about jumped off it when I held that ring up. Trevor was quickly overwhelmed by the whole ordeal but had a heart that was full of gratitude and joy. I gave that guy a few hugs as we took pictures and celebrated. Hands down a truly humble person is Trevor and I’m glad he and his bride Sheba have their ring back. Thank you Trevor for the handsome reward.