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Recovered lost hearing aid from Alki Beach Seattle, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Lisa’s called me asking for assistance in fining her lost hearing aid at Alki Beach that she had just received just a few days prior.  She explained that the wind had picked up a bit so she remembered placing her hoodie over her head and taking the hood off before departing and that is when she realized her left hearing aid was missing. Fortunately her new hearing aid technology came equipped with a feature to track her lost hearing aid from the application on her phone. Most likely this uses a BlueTooth technology and the app shows the signal strength of the Left and Right hearing aids respectively. She was able to confirm that the lost hearing aid was still somewhere at the beach however was not able to see it with a visual search.  I agreed to assist her knowing that this app was confirming the lost hearing aid as still being on the beach so we had a very strong opportunity of a recovery.


She meet me at the beach and we reconfirmed the lost hearing aid was still in the area with her app. It actually showed the signal strength getting stronger as we got closer to the lost device. By using the tacking technology of the application and a handheld pinpointer medal detector we were able to unbury her lost haring aid. As with any other heavy item lost over a dry sandy beach the hearing aid was completely buried under the sand with only a small clear plastic bit sticking up at the surface. If only using the app and a visual search it would be very difficult to locate it. We were both very happy to have recovered this device undamaged.

If your  are in the market for a pair of hearing aids or replacements seriously consider a model that supports a “Find my lost hearing aid” feature though a smart phone app! This technology has a lot of value in recovering these very expensive hearing aid devices.


Watch the recovery of the lost hearing aid from the sands of Alki Beach!


Jeff Morgan


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