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Cape Cod: Davy Jones held David Yurman hostage for 9 hours.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

A mother’s warning went unheeded – “Don’t take your wedding band to the beach.” Well a bit later Alex’s dive into the salty water provided the action that precipitated the need for a Ring Finder. Yes, his ring of only a year had slipped from his finger into the the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. Withing three hours I received a call for help. It seems all the searching by Alex and the Life Guards could not bring the ring out of the deep waters of Nantucket Sound. The tide was now some 2 feet higher than when the ring was lost and the sun was slipping closer to the horizon. It would be another 5 hours before a search could begin without scuba gear.

The sun set, the moon rose and the Big Dipper was now bright in the sky and Jim (my summer detecting comrade) and I were headed south into the darkness and shoulder deep water. As we began swinging our detectors caused flashes of blue light appeared underwater. The bio-luminescence was being given off when we touched small jellyfish. We also kept an eye to the northern sky, hoping to see the very unusual occurrence of the appearance of the Northern Lights as far south as Cape Cod.

Unfortunately we did not sees the Northern Lights, but Jim did rescue David Yurman from the grip that Davy Jones had on him. Jim’s bright LED light caused the diamonds to sparkle brighter than the stars and the circle of gold to shine heavenly against a bed of sea shells in his steel bucket. Now there was nothing more to do except notify Sandy (Alex’s mother) that the recovery had been made and a meeting for the return set.

The return was delayed due to Cape Cod traffic, but the wait was well worth it for everyone. Jim and I had a chance to pass on information about metal detecting, a few stories, and return the ring. As a Thank You gift, Sandy had brought some very special and delicious cookies, which were shared with Eleanor as she was the one that gave Sandy my contact information. Sandy will pass the ring onto Alex on their next meeting. Until then pictures are of the ring and three smiles will fill the void held for Alex’s smile which I am sure matches that of his wife’s because of The Ring Finders.