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Lost Wedding Ring Katy, Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Wedding Ring Lost when ATV Adventure Goes Wrong.


I was contacted by MVP Skeeters’ Baseball Player Travis Scott regarding his lost wedding ring. Travis said he and his wife (newlyweds) had been out on his ATV (4 wheeler) riding and  enjoying the nice weather. Travis said towards the end of the ride they crossed over a small ditch, and had gotten stuck. The ditch was deceiving in appearance and should rightfully be called a bog.

Travis said as they began to cross the water filled ditch the ATV sank and became stuck in knee deep mud. Travis said he dismounted the ATV and attempted to free it by lifting the rear-end out of the mud. Travis said he had no success and later used his truck and a tow strap to pull the ATV out of the mud.

Travis said a short time after getting the ATV stuck and cleaning the mud of his hands he discovered his wedding ring was missing. It was believed it came off in the ditch while he attempted to free the ATV.


Travis and I conducted a search for his ring today and after a couple of hours we called it quits. The ditch was searched extensively with only a few aluminum cans and couple of pulls tabs being discovered. I was confident at the conclusion of the search, that his ring was not in the designated search area or beyond.

Travis was a go getter, right there in the mud, and it was obvious from the get go, neither of us liked to loose!






























Skeeters’ MVP Travis Scott

Skeeters’ Travis Scott earns Atlantic League All-Star MVP


Travis rewarded me with an autographed Skeeters’ (Rodger Clemens Game Jersey #21)

Thanks, again Travis

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Equipment Used:

CTX 3030

TRX Pin Pointer






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