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Lost Ring in Sand .. Califia State Beach, San Clemente, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Mike was advised by somebody on the beach to google search TheRingFinders.com to find somebody with a metal detector. That was why I got the call. People around this part of Southern Calif. beaches are getting to know about us.
He was at Califia State Beach searching the sand using plastic baskets to sift the sand with two friends. The initial loss occurred when a towel where he put his ring was picked up dumping the ring in the sand. A few hours later he and his friends had gone to another beach 20 miles north Mike realized his loss. They returned with tools to sift the beach. Finding the exact location was also a problem.
Mike’s friends had to leave, but Mike was there to guide me to the general location. He told me it was a Titanium ring so I was listening for a low tone. We grid searched a 40x 40′ square area with no success. I expanded the area on each side, that’s when I scooped an unexpected tone that turned out to be a Tungsten Carbide ring and it was Mike’s ring.. This has happened to me several times, where the person isn’t really sure what type metal their ring is. It really doesn’t matter because I dig all targets when on a search.
Mike and the other people on the beach that had searched for the ring, were impressed at how well the metal detector worked to find the ring. If you need a plumber, electrician or other professional service call them. If you need a metal detector call or google search ┬áTheRingFinders.com.. We can find it, if it’s there. If not, we can eliminate the area, so you can direct your search to another location.