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Wedding ring found deep in the lake… trip saved!

  • from Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)

Here is an excerpt and testimonial from a recent gentlemen who lost his ring, a wonderful find saved, saved a wonderful trip:

“I flew out to Sacramento from NY for a fishing trip with my dad, and on the day of depart I lost my ring in the lake behind my parents house. The weeds were knee high, and I quickly realized that without an underwater metal detector and some serious scuba gear, this task would be impossible. I was torn, do I delay the fishing trip and spend the day (or days) looking for my ring and miss out on time with my dad, or head out for my trip and hope to find it upon my return in the day before my departure. Neither option was great  – I was between a rock and a hard place, so I did what I do best, I went to the internet to search for advice. I quickly found theringfinders.com (great SEO!) and after searching my local area, found the Godsend known as Ory. After a brief chat, Ory assured me he would find my ring and urged me to enjoy the fishing trip with my dad and he would work with my mom (the fishing trip was a guy trip) to swing by the house with his gear and search for the ring.

Noted as one of his most challenging search’s, Ory not only succeeded in find my wedding ring, but did so in only a couple hours! He found the ring about 6 inches under the lake floor, but with expert skill and determination he found it!

I can still remember the text of success as well as the call with Ory and my mom. 

Ory, you are a hero, and one of the kindest most humble humans I have ever met. Thank you for who you are and what you do. I am forever grateful.”


Engagement ring found… Christmas Miracle

  • from Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)

Paola got in contact with me to let me know she was devastated to have lost recently her white gold and diamond engagement ring, but after 30 minutes of searching, we found the ring! It was an early Christmas miracle packaged with a smile!

Lost ring Napa, Vallejo, Sacramento… found

  • from Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)

Hi my name is Ory, I just joined ringfinders. I started metal detecting about a year ago and it is my newfound passion. I have found countless exciting valuables. However, I am more excited to see the reactions of those who are reunited with what was “lost forever”. To me, that is priceless. So call or text and I’ll meet you there!