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Gold Harley Davidson pendant recovered in Hollywood FL

from Hollywood (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-954-892-8993

Recently my son and I helped Sylvie find a gold Harley Davidson medallion that she lost while gardening in her yard 8 weeks before. She had been gardening for 3 hours before she noticed her broken chain dangling from her neck. Her family has searched many times but they had given up. She was just about to leave back to Canada and thought she would never see it again when her relative found me here. As you can see we made her very!image image

Lost Diamond Ring in Heathrow, Florida…..Found!!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

While visiting some friends on the 4th of July 2013, Jim and Molly were enjoying a lively game of volleyball in the pool when Molly realized her diamond engagement ring was not on her finger.  For the next hour they searched frantically for the ring without success.  As the light faded into night so did their hopes of finding her precious ring.  That evening Jim was looking on his computer for information on finding lost rings and came across theringfinders web site.  The next day Jim called me and we set up a time to meet and do a thorough search of the pool and surrounding area.  I set up my Whites DFX metal detector and started searching the small grassy areas and around the many bushes and shrubs.   After an hour or so I was beginning to think that it possibly flew over the fence and landed in the neighbors yard.   I was finishing up along the wooden fence behind some rose bushes when I caught a glimpse of gold and sure enough there it was.  Peeking up through the leaves at the base of the fence–a good 30 feet from where Molly was in the pool–was her beautiful ring, just waiting to be found!  What a thrill and pleasure it was to serve you and help make your best 5th of July ever!!

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