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Lost Engagement Ring in The South Hill ….FOUND!!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

“Maya,Maya,Maya,” Maya scolded herself as she looked down at her engagement ring¬† that was missing off of her ring finger. See, Maya had made a very well thought out decision. She had removed her engagement ring off of her finger right before she began gardening.¬† The ring was placed in the top pocket of her shirt. Then Maya began the task of filling up a raised garden bed with rich black potting soil. The task was tedious but after the work was completed Maya was pleased with herself. This feeling however, withdrew itself and morphed into dread. The pocket holding the ring, was empty. Searching that day and at night and then the next morning, did not uncover her ring. Maya asked Reddit for some advice and found The Ring Finders. So that morning she sent me a text. I called and discussed the details with Maya and made plans to come by after work. Arriving at Maya’s house, I could see her upset face coming down the stairs. We made our way to her backyard and I set my detector up. Hearing a bunch of signals under the ground, I looked around and her yard seemed to grow larger. Upon hearing that the ring was in the top pocket of her shirt, I knew all the signals were not her ring. Maya showed me a picture of the ring as I headed to the garden bed. The little puck coil on my Equinox 800 made a nice digging tool as I plunged it into the fresh soil. I made a few dozen stabs at the dirt. With a void of signals to be heard I was very optimistic when the detector sounded off and showed a 5-6 on the screen. “Let’s see if this is it” I said and turned on my pinpointer. The signal was a few inches down and I grabbed it quite easily. Sifting the dirt through my hand the ring slipped through my grasp. Using the pinpointer again to confirm I hadn’t made the ring disappear, the rim peaked out. I had found it finally. Maya was fully relieved and overwhelmed with the whole ordeal. She gave me a nice smile as I took my photos. The best intentions lead to some unforseen outcomes sometimes. But the best advice, is still, to leave your rings in a safe place where you can find them easily and not take a chance and take them along with you.