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First Encounter Beach Wellfleet, MA Lost Wedding Band Lost, Found, and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 3, 2023: Not all returns can be accomplished within minutes. The one bit of information that has the most effect on the length of time it takes one to find the target is when the person that suffered the loss tells us were the loss took place. For example “I was in waist deep water, right here!” Well the loss took place three hours ago and the tide has risen or fallen. That being so, the “right here” could be 10 or more feet away. Likewise the time the loss happened. Also what the person was doing when the loss happened, i.e. throwing a football, riding on a lawn mower, swimming laps etc. As with losses in water can also be applied to losses on the land or sand of a beach.

Well whatever kept Luke from finding a man’s wedding band in salt water, he did not find the ring in 6 hours of searching. Sunburned, exhausted and prior engagements ended the search prematurely. Before leaving the beach he called me for a bit of assistance. I had just left from a ring return in which I was successful in finding the ring in under 5 minutes. That is another story. With the approval from my wife after promising a Fish and Chips dinner she said “Lets go get number 2 for the day”.

I was fortunate that the tide had gone out and the believed area of loss was on the set sand area of the beach. I started searching were I thought Waist Deep Water would have been 6 hours previously. I gridded the area in ever lengthening passes as I progressed toward the water and closer to were I was told was the likely area of loss. Some 90 minutes went by with only three other targets being retrieved I found the ring under an inch of sand.

The story of how the ring was “lost” was relayed to me and I have quoted here.

“We were enjoying our first visit to First Encounter(Beach) with a family-friends. We were passing the football with their son, Maximo.

Michael had no clue his ring fell off his finger until I passed (the football) to him and he looked down at his hand when he caught the ball and said “Uh oh…” That was at about 1 o’clock. At 1:08, I texted Luke asking for his help. Michael (and Luke) searched through the high tide for 6 hours, only getting out once. At 6:44, Slick Rick finally found (the ring) right around the area where Michael and I were playing catch!”

The sun was setting in a half an hour, just time for the tents to be taken down, packed into the car, watch the sunset and finally rinsing sand covered feet before driving out of the parking lot.

What would have helped would have been someone dropping a few coins, pull tabs, burring a couple of soda cans, anything metal so when a detectorist arrives they would be able to locate the correct area faster.

With all that happened on this day, nothing is more important than a lost sentimental belonging being found and returned to its owner. Stephanie and Michael had very kind words not only for me but Luke as well. Very big smiles were not only on their face but everyone’s face I passed on the way back to my car. And yes, my very patient wife did get the Fish and Chips dinner. This was a day I will remember forever.