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Lost gold cross ring, found in Little Long Lake, Fremont, IN

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Kyle and Brent’s aunt had lost her gold-cross ring (diamonds cross) in the swim area of the family cottage.
She had been lounging on a tube/float when it fell off somewhere between the stairs and end of the pier. They said the ring had sentimental value and she really wanted it to be recovered.
We set up a day when the weather was cooperating.
I started shallow, found a couple pieces of metal junk, then got a signal with a few targets close together. Scooped out a piece of foil, a piece of aluminum, then a nice gold ring with diamond cross. Took all of about two minutes.
I was also able to scoop out a large nasty shard of glass that may have recently gouged one of their kid’s feet recently. It was bad enough to require stitches they said.