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Lost Gold Wedding Ring San Clemente Beach Recovered by Ringfinder

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.. Kyle’s wife, Calli called me for help to find a gold wedding band. Calli and her husband Kyle believed was lost in the dry sand at San Clemente Beach, CA. They could be at the location to meet me just before sunset. It’s a 24 mile drive on the freeway with very little traffic, so the drive was easy.

They were not sure when the ring came off Kyle’s finger. He only realized it was missing when they returned home. I grid searched a 40’ x’40’ area thoroughly and couldn’t find the ring. I could say I was sure there was no ring in the area I had searched. 

After asking a few more questions they told me that Kyle had been surfing that same day, but he was a beginner and had only been in waist deep water. I told them that if the ring was out there, the odds of finding the ring  were not in his favor. I came back the next morning at 6am low tide. After an hour and a half as I was running out of area to search, I got a perfect signal. A couple scoops later I had Kyle’s gold ring in my scoop. He had been walking back and forth in the wet sand hoping to see the ring visually.

I held up the ring and he ran over to verify it was his ring. He immediately called his wife using FaceTime showing her the ring and where we were at the low tide zone. I was careful not to give him false hope because we had to take a chance that this could be where the ring came off his finger. Usually rings lost surfing are lost too far out to be found at low tide. At least at most of our west coast beaches.  I only tried this search because Kyle’s wife convinced me he was a beginner surfer and he wasn’t out with the other surfers.