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Lost Gold Wedding Ring Possibly in Sand at Santa Monica Beach .. Found

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Dan and his wife Caroline had taken their two year old son, Preston to Santa Monica Beach late in the afternoon. When he returned home he discovered his gold wedding band was not on his finger. It had been a little loose lately so he believed that possibly his son may have pulled it off his finger. It had been 4 days sense the loss. Not knowing where to start searching, he went to a community forum on the internet with his frustration.

Someone on the forum recommended he go to TheRingFinders.com. Dan emailed me asking how the service works. I replied with a short explanation. I asked that he call so I can get a few clues. I also offered to begin the search without him, so he didn’t have to take time off work.
Monday morning, I talked to Dan on the phone and he said he could meet me at 3:30pm. He gave me good directions as to where he had been that Thursday afternoon, so I told him I would start grid searching a few hours early, just to eliminate some of a fairly large area.
After the first hour and a half I found a gold wedding band with an inscription inside. Directly in the path he walked to the beach front. After sending a photo and the inscription inside the ring by text and email, I didn’t get a reply.

I discontinued my grid search and started detecting away from the main location. Dan arrived at 3:30pm and we found out that the ring I found was not his. No problem because this has happened to me before. All I had to do was verify where he had been Thursday. Then resume my original grid search. Dan was disappointed and had told me that he had given up hope because there were so many unknowns. Also I don’t think he believed that a metal detector could find such a small item in a sea of dry sand, if it was there.

I tried to tell him that I could at least finish searching as it would only take me a couple more hours. I would call him when I finished. He was on his way back to his car when the magic happened. I found his wedding band. When I showed him where I found it, he remembered brushing the sand off Preston with his hand before leaving the beach.

Nevertheless we joked about me making Dan a believer that metal detectors can find rings in the sand. He was definitely a happy person after thinking that after 3 years of wearing the ring, it was lost forever.