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Patricia Lost Wedding Ring Alki Beach Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

I received a call on a Saturday morning from a gentleman that was in need my help. He explained that just a few days prior on a Thursday he went to Alki beach with his wife and their young granddaughter. He made note that they started out playing on the Otter statues then went a very short distance to the beach logs. He said his wife was getting some food out of a bag and had a feeling about her wedding ring. When she looked down the ring was missing. They searched all their bags, over the log and the beach sand with no idea where it went.


I arrived at Alki beach that Saturday afternoon with limited time. Being in the area already I wanted to at least do a little detecting. I also was focused on taking some photos to see if they could identify the specific log they were sitting on to narrow my search efforts. The logs run down nearly the full length of the beach. When I arrived late afternoon there was plenty of people all over and throughout the logs enjoying a bright sunny Saturday. I took several photos and texted the couple but didn’t get any response so I continued to search in-between the groups of people and some obliged and allowed me to search the area they were sitting. In the back of my mind being that Alki is very close to my daily travels I had a plan B and that was to return when I had more time to hunt later into the evening or come back in the early morning before all the beach goers starting plopping down all over the log area. These logs are very popular seating areas and always provide a wonderful view of Elliot Bay with the Seattle city scape as a back drop. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to spend some time and rest in this beautiful place. As I was about to call my search, I gave it just a little more effort and so glad I did.

Watch this video so see how the whole story unfolds:


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