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Lost hearing Aid Waverly nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

This awesome elderly Deer hunter while out putting up a tree stand for the youth hunt he volunteers for he felt something brush his ear and knock his glasses off, not til he left and went home did he realize that he was missing a hearing aid! He of course went back with a friend and stomped all over the area he assumed it was lost not able to locate it, He then called my Brother and ask if we could well if anyone knows anything about hearing aids they have very little metal in them. So my Brother called me for advice and help. I went and showed him how to set up his machine to find hearing aids and within ten minutes we found his hearing aid about five feet further then he thought he should be so that thing really flew. He was very excited and happy to get that back as they cost around two thousand dollars each. I was very happy for him and enjoy seeing a person light up when a item is returned.