Ted Erickson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis...That means you pay me what you can afford and what my service is worth to you for me to find your lost item.

Permission must be obtained on private property, I have park permits retired and can hunt almost anytime.

Search Types

All land & I can hunt in 5ft of water or less...

Search Locations

Gretna, Omaha, Papillion & Louisville and the surrounding areas.

Ted Erickson's Bio

I have been a detectorist since 1983 I hunt land and water but I do not scuba dive...I have always tried to return every class ring I found, I have found many rings for people including one for a lady who's daughter sadly had been killed in a car accident the year prior, the look on her face when i recovered her daughters ring was priceless.

Ted Erickson - Recent Blog Post

  • lost wedding band omaha found!!! (2021)

    Received a call from a fellow Ringfinder who was out of town on vacation and could not help a couple who were at a local lake for a Sunday outing. The lady was stung by a bee on her hand and in the process of shaking the bee off she threw her rings into the […]

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  • Lost Ring Omaha Nebraska found! (2021)

    Received a call on a cold Nebraska day that a person had lost his future wifes beautiful engagement rings in his backyard while frolicing in the new fallen snow. I arrive and found out he had been looking very hard for it by getting a cheap metal detector and sweeping the show but to no […]

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  • Lost Glasses found!!! Plattsmouth Nebraska (2020)

    Received a call from a distraught father of a young man named Charlie. They were out having some father son time at a Husker paintball facility When they called times up and remove your helmets, As Charlie removed his and started walking back to the start gate he tripped and his helmet went flying with […]

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  • Lost Ring Gretna Nebraska found!! (2020)

    Received a early morning call from a young lady telling me she just got engaged on sunday night and went swimming in a private lake beach and she felt her beautiful Newley acquired engagement ring slip from her finger and she was scheduled to leave on a fight to Arizona today at 3:00 pm. So […]

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  • Lost hearing Aid Waverly nebraska (2019)

    This awesome elderly Deer hunter while out putting up a tree stand for the youth hunt he volunteers for he felt something brush his ear and knock his glasses off, not til he left and went home did he realize that he was missing a hearing aid! He of course went back with a friend […]

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Ted Erickson - Testimonials

  • We are very thankful that we found Ted Erickson through “theringfinders” website (2019)


    We are very thankful that we found Ted Erickson through “theringfinders” website. In less than 5 minutes he found the ring (in a chunk of ice). We had spent hours searching for with no success.

  • Ted was so kind and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone!!!! (2019)


    Ted, I can’t believe what a blessing you were to me today. I’ve literally been losing sleep over not being able to find my ring. You came out on Valentine’s Day and foundry ring in such a short period of time I almost couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much for finding my most prized possession.

    Ted was so kind and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone!!!!